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Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter

You're driving in your car alone in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is out but the clouds are slightly hovered suggesting that the weather is nice but slightly crisp-- or at the gym with your bright red headphones plugged into your ears tuning out the rest of the sweaty people around you, or wandering aimlessly through Target while broke but somehow justifying spending invisible money on new bath mats and a matching soap dish-- when the apparatus spitting out the music you're currently rocking out to spills out a song that you have A) not heard in quite some time B) forgot you loved or C) never heard before in your life.  This song, which you have instantly fell in love with, causes you to forget what you're doing because it forces you to "Shazam" it, google it, then YouTube it, all within the next five minutes of your life.  This song triggers a new love and appreciation for the sounds that others can put together for your enjoyment.  It triggers an emotion.  It makes you think of a certain someone, or someones.  It consumes your thoughts for a time period lasting anywhere from three minutes to three weeks.  This song is your New Dig.  

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