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Summer Skin

Recently I had a little scare at the dermatologist when I had an abnormal spot removed from my side. Sun damage and skin cancer are more real fears than ever now, and for a solar powered gal like myself, this was hard news to bear. Luckily, I've found the most amazing skin regimen for a healthy summer glow without the risks of damage & cancer.

To exfoliate, I use my homemade coffee lavender scrub (here).

I got my armpits, upper lip, and bikini area lasered with various local groupons, but for my legs and arms I use generic men's shaving creams & razors. (TIP: Before I had my bikini area done, I would use a little deodorant after exfoliating/shaving to avoid irritation/red bumps. Worked like a charm.)

As a daily moisturizer, I use HEMPZ Cucumber & Jasmine Body Moisturizer. SMELLS SO DELIGHTFUL!

For a deep moisturizer when I'm extra dry after a trip to the beach or the gym or whatever, I literally rub coconut oil on my body haha. I haven't had problems with breakouts using this kind of oil.

The BESSSSSTTTTTT product for summer skin that I could possibly recommend is a sunless tanning lotion called Fake Bake. It is a miracle product. It has a green base as opposed to an orange base, so it looks super natural. It's really easy to apply before bed, and after rinsing off in the morning it leaves you with an even, streak-free glow and won't stain your clothes. Once you reach your desired shade, it only takes about 1 application a week to keep up the color. I even use it on my face. Seriously, give this a try! (or "rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons..." ...but I can't find it in myself to hate on any product that makes me look and feel like I instantly lost 10 pounds and spent a week in the tropics, and in turn gives me better confidence and makes me feel good.)

Let me know if you have any flawless skin secrets for summer, and also what you think if you try any of these out. :)