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vida soleil

Vida Soleil x Life

Welcome to my inspiration zone / blog / online shop! If you don't already know me, I'm Brianne! I'm glad you're here having a look. Even if you do know me, some of you may not know what it is I actually do, and I do a lot right now!

I'm currently studying the business of fashion at Cal State Long Beach, and I run and operate an online swimwear retail company called Vida Soleil. I also make art, dance, practice yoga, lift weights, read, bake and now blog!

At Vida Soleil, I've truly gotten to have hands on, real world experience in an industry that I absolutely love. Some of my work activities include: managing our social media content, buying all of the beautiful merchandise, taking care of customer service emails and phone calls, packing and shipping orders, organizing and directing photoshoots, uploading data, implementing various other ideas and creative decisions, and analyzing business and industry trends. I am truly blessed to be a part of such an awesome, laid-back company, and at 21 it feels great to know that I already am gaining experience that will last a lifetime. 

My career path has been extremely confusing (I changed my major 5 times before settling on one that felt right) and as a lover of many things, I have found it hard to focus my direction in life in just one place. But ultimately what I want most in life is love, family, freedom, and happiness just like most people, and there are a lot of careers that could lead me to that. I'm just blessed that mine also happens to be right up my alley and fun:)

If you're ever looking for a new bikini or want any advice or insight based on my experiences, let me know and I'd be happy to help! Check out some of my favorites below: